Bay Area New Born Photographers Reveal the Five Most Important Tips for Photographing Newborns

Hello, and welcome! We are Will & Laura Sundquist and we are a Bay Area Newborn Photographers based out of Morgan Hill, CA. We specialize in newborn portraits that capture your baby’s true essence. Our goal while photographing these little ones is to help you create the most precious memories of their first weeks with you.

To get the most out of your session, we thought it would be fun to share some helpful tips for posing and photographing new borns.

So without further ado, here are our five most important tips for photographing newborns:

Get a photographer you trust

Photographers capture life’s most precious moments. Trusting your photographer is essential to capturing the truest of your baby’s expressions.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable with us. We promise that we will provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for you and your baby. We are parents of two wonderful boys and understand the challenges that newborns bring. Before we even start, we make sure that you feel at ease and free to ask any questions. We want to make sure that this experience is as easy and stress-free as possible for you and most importantly your newborn baby.

Choose the right location

We have a quaint newborn studio in downtown Morgan Hill, CA but we are always willing to drive to your home where you and your newborn may be more comfortable. When it comes to posing new borns, you have a few choices. You can pose them on their backs in the middle of a large blanket or propped up against a pillow. You can arrange them in the most natural way, with their little hands by their sides and their feet crossed over each other or with various props that we use at our Will Sundquist Photography Studio in Morgan Hill.

Get ready for the shoot

1. We will prepare for the shoot by setting up your environment and props before your baby arrives.

2. We will create a cozy area for you and the baby to lay during the shoot.

3. We will have a variety of blankets and props on hand to change things up if you get bored.

4. Be sure to have enough diapers and wipes, especially if you’ve had more than one child! 

**5. Its always helpful to have someone else be at your shoot to help with the baby**

 Capture your baby’s essence

It’s important to capture your baby’s true essence. Babies are usually so sweet and happy. And they like to smile and laugh a lot.

But sometimes babies can be shy or cranky too, which is normal and natural. They might not want to coo or cuddle with you, but they will show their personality when they’re feeling most comfortable.

For these more difficult newborns, it’s helpful to have something calming nearby for them to explore on their own time- like a beanbag chair or a blanket with different textures.

 Keep it natural

When photographing newborns, it’s important that you keep things as natural as possible. Even when we use props we are always trying to keep the poses as natural as possible. Try to capture them in their most natural state by keeping things simple and using only the props that are necessary for the photo. This will help you get the best results. To book a newborn session with Will & Laura please click below: