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Hi, my name is Will Sundquist, and the work that I do and the people I work with, are soulful and deeply connected. As a Photographer, I help my clients open up and tap into a deeper level of self expression, expansion, and connection.

I'm inspired by the raw and real moments. I've never been interested in small talk. Fake perfect smiles don't do it for me either! Ever since I was a child with my first camera, photographing intimacy has always been my passion. I want to get in there, and actually SEE, YOU! My job is part photography and part psychology, and I love it! I hold space for women and men to be seen and tap into their honest selves, and for my couples to be their most vulnerable and uncensored selves in front of my camera, and this partnership is what inspires every creative fiber in me!

In my non-work world, I am deeply spiritual and always striving for personal growth and expansion. I am a father and a husband, and I cherish these sacred roles deeply. My boys are now 6 & 4 years old and my wife and I have known each other since we were 5 years old and got married on a catamaran while sailing around the Santa Cruz Bay , surrounded by our most cherished loved ones.  My wife and two boys are the ones that support and love me every day and who I cannot imagine life without!  I’m a joy seeker, I laugh a lot, and I live for deep connections & honest communication. I grew up in the Bay Area (in very rural settings surrounded by nature) and I currently live in the Morgan Hill, CA (nestled within dense oak tress), and feel most at home on any beach, but especially along the Central Coast. I can't remember a time that I didn't collect sea glass (and that's still a thing I do), play in in the mud (literally as a kid...and now figuratively as an adult in my garden), and cherish Mother Earth so deeply.

With love, Will Sundquist

…..Full time Photographer since 2015. Photographing people since 2000. Learner of life since 1978…..


Jessie & Ryan

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""Will made us feel at home. No pressure, no nervousness, simply fun and full of laughter!"

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